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Cosmetics catalog

Cosmetics catalog
Cosmetics catalog
Anti-aging face cream cocktail, 300 ml
Body cream yogurt, 30 ml
DiVina Bellezza Face cream Activator of youth Anti-age activator cream, 50 ml
Anti-aging face cream cocktail, 50 ml
DiVina Bellezza Wine sleeping mask, 75 ml
Body cream yogurt, 200 ml
Delicate face and body scrub, 200 ml
Eye contour cream, 15 ml
Complex hair restoration mask, 200 ml
Moisturizing face cream-gel, 50 ml
Repairing hand cream, 300 ml
Eyelid patches with wine extract, 90 gr
Eyelid patches with wine extract, 90 gr
Увлажняющий лосьон-стартер, 100 ml
Wine Comfort Shaving Gel for men, 300 ml

What could be better than a glass of wine after a long day? Enjoy the beauty and youthfulness of skin and hair, which is provided by effective natural cosmetics based on a noble drink! DiVina Bellezza invites you to experience the benefits of skincare products with an active complex containing red wine, grape stem cells and red organic grape extract.

Natural cosmetics based on wine

The line of Italian cosmetics is based on active ingredients: Piemaggio wine, grape stem cells and organic red wine extract. Biochemical studies have helped to determine the mechanism of action of the components contained in wine on the skin and hair.

The main active ingredients are antioxidants. These substances neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress, leading to premature cell aging.

Among the antioxidants found in grapes, grapes and wine, we find:

phytoalexins: are produced by plants and accumulate in cells as a means of protection against attacks by pathogens;
bioflavonoids: prevent damage caused by free radicals;
polyphenols such as tannins and quercetin have vasoactive and astringent properties.
DiVina Bellezza natural cosmetics catalog

In the online store divina-bellezza.ru you can buy cosmetics with a high percentage of natural ingredients in the composition. The catalog includes products for different needs:

for hair: means for cleansing, restoring and styling;
for facial skin: cleansing and toning, anti-aging and moisturizing products;
for the body: to cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin.

The site also contains cosmetics for men. Delivery of orders is carried out throughout Russia, pickup is possible from the Piemaggio boutique or points of issue.

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