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Hand skin care

Hand skin care
Hand skin care
Repairing hand cream, 300 ml
Delicate emollient hand cream, 75 ml
Revitalizing hand cream, 75 ml
Delicate emollient hand cream, 75 ml
Moisturizing hand cream, 75 ml

Frequent hand washing, use of soap and sanitizers can lead to dry and flaky skin. DiVina Bellezza care products will help to cope with these problems and improve the condition of the skin.

Natural cosmetics for hand skin care

The Italian brand DiVina Bellezza skin care cosmetics contain three types of substances: moisturizers (hyaluronic acid), nourishing (panthenol, a complex of oils) and anti-aging (grape stem cells, red organic grape extract) components. These creams trap moisture inside the skin, keeping it hydrated for a long time.

Features of hand care products:

base – DiVina Bellezza complex based on red wine, grape stem cells and red organic grape extract: moisturizes and rejuvenates, prevents photoaging;
pleasant floral and wine aromas;
from 98% of natural ingredients in the composition, including organic oils and plant extracts;
light texture and fast absorption.

Beauty products do not contain parabens, sulfates and other harmful ingredients. The safe composition allows you to use the creams regularly.

Where to buy DiVina Bellezza hand cosmetics

Hand creams and other branded face and body skin care products can be purchased at the online store, Piemaggio boutique and Rive Gauche stores.

Delivery of orders from the site is carried out throughout Russia.

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