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Hair cleansing cosmetics

Hair cleansing cosmetics
Hair cleansing cosmetics
Hair conditioner, 300 ml
Hair restoration shampoo, 300 ml
Shampoo for colored hair, 300 ml
Shampoo for hair volume and shine, 300 ml
Hair shampoo for frequent use, 300 ml

It is important to combine regular hair washing with periodic intensive cleansing. Deep cleansers for hair and scalp help remove impurities and styling residues, and improve the absorption of nutrients from masks and other skin care products.

Cosmetics for deep cleansing of hair

Such shampoos are distinguished by high biological activity, they provide exfoliation of dead cells of the scalp, leaving a feeling of ultra-cleanness. Such care is used before some salon procedures, for example, before keratin straightening and botox, but the hair needs deep cleansing at home as well.

Features of DiVina Bellezza deep hair cleansing products:

Effective cleansing. Shampoos with a deep cleansing effect not only get rid of dust, dead cells and excess sebum, but also completely remove styling residues from the hair.
Gentle care. Formulas are based on ingredients such as proteins, hydrolyzed silk, keratin, which are as close to hair structure as possible. An active complex based on red wine, red organic grape extract and grape stem cells, restores the natural beauty of hair.
More than 90% natural ingredients in the composition. DiVina Bellezza cosmetics do not contain aggressive ingredients.

If you want to deeply cleanse your hair and scalp and ensure the supply of nourishing ingredients from your skincare products, use natural and safe beauty products.

DiVina Bellezza shampoo catalog

On sale are also universal cleansers and shampoos for a specific type of hair: oily, dry, colored, lacking volume. For daily use, use the FREQUENT USE HAIR SHAMPOO delicate shampoo, for deep damage – the HAIR REPAIR SHAMPOO.

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