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Cosmetics for men

Cosmetics for men
Cosmetics for men
Cleansing Gel for Men 5 in 1 Wine Barrel, 300 ml
Cleansing Gel for Men 5 in 1 Wine Barrel, 300 ml
Hair conditioner, 300 ml
Facial beauty water DiVina Bellezza, 100 ml
Cleansing Gel for Men 5 in 1 Wine Barrel, 75 ml
Hair restoration shampoo, 300 ml
Shampoo for colored hair, 300 ml
Shampoo for hair volume and shine, 300 ml
Hair shampoo for frequent use, 300 ml
Moisturizing face cream-gel, 50 ml
DiVina Bellezza Limoncello Toothpaste, 300 ml
Softening shower gel, 300 ml
Toning shower gel, 300 ml
Moisturizing shower gel, 300 ml
Mouthwash concentrate Limoncello, 100 ml

The best grooming products for men meet the unique needs of men’s skin and hair. Features of DiVina Bellezza cosmetics – more than 90% natural ingredients and an active complex in the composition.

Natural Italian cosmetics for men

Men’s skin is slightly thicker than women’s. Combined with higher collagen levels and a lower propensity for inflammation, it does not require the same intensive care. However, wine-based cosmetics will help keep skin toned, minimize irritation after shaving, and improve hair condition.

Resveratrol and grape stem cells in the basis of Italian cosmetics for men DiVina Bellezza have a rejuvenating effect and improve skin elasticity with regular use.

Catalog of men’s cosmetics

In our online store you can buy natural men’s cosmetics:

for the body: cleansing shower gels with a moisturizing effect and natural extracts of fruits (orange, peach, apple);
for face: moisturizing cream (more than 99% natural ingredients), toning spray to prevent premature skin aging;
for hair: shampoos for regular use, styling wax based on organic oils.

All products can be ordered on the website with delivery in Russia, purchased in the Piemaggio brand boutique or Rive Gauche stores.

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