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Hair cosmetics

Hair cosmetics
Hair cosmetics
Intensive Hair Repair Complex, 30 ml
Complex hair restoration mask, 200 ml
Hair conditioner, 300 ml
Hair restoration shampoo, 300 ml
Shampoo for colored hair, 300 ml
Shampoo for hair volume and shine, 300 ml
Hair shampoo for frequent use, 300 ml
Wine Comfort Shaving Gel for men

The Italian brand DiVina Bellezza hair line is its own version of glou-glou (as they say about light, pleasant wines). The collection includes products based on red wine that effectively care for the scalp and hair.

Natural Italian hair cosmetics

The catalog contains products for cleansing, restoring, volume and styling. These are natural remedies from Italy that demonstrate the best properties of Piemaggio wine.

In our online store you can buy shampoos, masks, conditioners with targeted action:

daily care for hair of any type;
restoration of dry and damaged hair – products with a high content of vegetable oils, keratin and panthenol;
sebum regulation and oil content control – for oily hair: it contains amino acids, plant extracts;
Maintaining the color of colored hair – Polyphenols and resveratrol help to maintain color, while silk proteins add shine.

A good effect is achieved with regular use of products of the same line.

In addition to care cosmetics, the assortment includes special hair products – styling wax, oils.

Where to buy professional hair cosmetics

Order Italian cosmetics from the online store with home delivery or pick-up points. We also invite you to visit the Piemaggio boutique and Rive Gauche perfume supermarkets.

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