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Cosmetics for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the body

Cosmetics for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the body
Cosmetics for moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the body
Body cream yogurt, 200 ml
Nourishing shower oil, 300 ml
Лосьон для тела , 300 мл + Скраб для лица и тела, 200 мл
Moisturizing & Nourishing Body Lotion, 300 ml

The skin of the face and body needs regular hydration, especially after sunbathing and during the heating season. An easy way to prevent dryness is to incorporate DiVina Bellezza Moisturizers into your daily home care.

Natural cosmetics to moisturize the skin of the body

Due to the regular moisturizing of the skin with natural products, its tone and elasticity increase, the color improves and the surface is smoothed.

The creams and lotions presented in the catalog contain ingredients that soften and moisturize dry skin, preventing dehydration. The composition includes:

an active complex based on Piemaggio red wine, grape stem cells and red organic grape extract – the formula of all DiVina Bellezza cosmetic products works to increase skin tone and elasticity, provides effective saturation with vitamins and minerals;
nourishing shea, argan, sunflower oils: moisturize and soften well;
extracts of olive, chamomile, oats: reduce inflammation, improve metabolic processes.

Means for moisturizing the skin of the body contain from 96% natural ingredients, are quickly absorbed and give the skin a light, unobtrusive scent.

DiVina Bellezza moisturizer catalog

In our online store you can buy body lotion and yoghurt cream that are suitable for all skin types. We deliver orders across Russia: to your home and to pick-up points.

To purchase DiVina Bellezza products offline, visit the Piemaggio boutique or Rive Gauche stores.

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